Say Goodbye to Weeds

Speak with our local weed removal specialist

Are obnoxious weeds turning your dream landscape into a maintenance nightmare? Don't rely on simple solutions from your local big-box store- trust the pros at Diamond State Properties to tackle your weed problem. Our experienced landscaping team will create a custom maintenance plan designed to eliminate and prevent weeds while promoting grass, flower and other plant growth.

No matter how big or small your yard is, you can depend on us to have it weed-free ASAP. Call us at 501-842-4042 now to sign up for professional weeding services.

3 reasons to hire our weed removal contractor

Struggling to rid your lawn or garden bed of weeds? The landscapers at Diamond State Properties are prepared to help. We’re equipped to assist with weed control on properties of all types. You might call us for help if:

  • Your busy schedule makes it impossible to spend time working in the yard
  • Your weed-infested property is giving clients the wrong idea about your business
  • You want to keep your rental property in tiptop shape to impress potential tenants

There is no better time than now to sign up for professional weeding services. Contact Diamond State Properties today to get started.